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How It All Began

We all grew up on the farm. Colton was raised on a row crop farm and Josh and Erin raise freezer beef to this day. But, after spending almost 10 years in the fitness industry and accumulating numerous nutrition certifications, Colton learned firsthand the pitfalls of our culture's nutritional tendencies. Together, we all knew a change was needed. The idea to replicate the meals we prepare in our own homes and make them available for our community was born. Using quality ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably from our own local growers, the idea of Wholesome Harvest began to take shape. Let's offer the most nourishing pre-made meal possible and highlight our local farmers, neighbors, and friends in the process by utilizing their goods.

 Wholesome refers to more than ingredients. It refers to overall physical, emotional, and spiritual health. With that health, we can build better relationships with our food and with those that produce it. That is what Wholesome Harvest aims to do. We hope you choose to embark on this journey with us and allow us to have a seat at your table.

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